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MOM's Dandelions drop-off

Thank you for turning in your yucky pesticides and fertilizers as part of MOM's Save the Dandelions program.

From March 15-23, our friends at MOM's Organic Market will be collecting unused pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides (still in original container) for responsible disposal through Clean Harbors.

As a thank you for your help, please bring in the coupon you received to take 10% off yard & exterior products at Amicus, including the following lawn-saving, green-preserving products:
Eco-Lawn grass seed 
Mosquito Barrier natural mosquito spray
Orange Guard ant spray
Vermont Naturals Exterior wood finishes
CobraHead very-cool garden tools in short and long handles
EBC Exterior pineapple-derived cleaner

Lawn care chemicals don't just end up on lawns--they end up in our waterways and ultimately wreak havoc on our ecosystems and personal health.  Considering that there are more acres of lawn than the top 8 U.S. farmland crops combined, it's more important than ever to think critically about lawn care and the systemic effects of a chemically dependent yard. Amicus GBC and MOM's support organic, sustainable lawn care and are determined to do whatever we can to Save the Dandelions!
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