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UltraTouch Insulation - R13 - 16"

UltraTouch Insulation - R13 - 16"

Item #: BONDLUT1316
UltraTouch Natural Fiber Insulation is batt-insulation made out of recycled denim. It offers a great story and benefits for insulating your space (which is one of the most important things you can do for your home).


  • As energy insulative as fiberglass batt insulation
  • Excellent sound attenuation (acoustical performance)-- up to a 36%áincrease in sound absorption. Use it in interior walls as a sound insulator for added comfort.
  • No formaldehyde or harmful airborne particulates
  • No fiberglass, which can cause epidermal (skin) and breathing reactions
  • Class A fire and smoke rated
  • Bug- and mold-inhibited
  • Recyclable
  • Makes insulating a safe and easy do-it-yourself task
  • Non-toxic
Dimensions of each piece: 16.25" wide x 94" long x 3.5" thick
Square feet per bundle: 106.07

General Installation Information:

1. Because UltraTouch is compressed for shipping purposes, give it aáshake prior to installing. This will help accelerate the natural rebounding properties of the fibers.á Depending upon climate and environmental conditions, full rebound may take several days.

2. Install UltraTouch between the studs by simply fitting each batt firmly into place. If building codes require a vapor barrier, it should be applied towards the living area.

3. Cut or tear the insulation to fit snugly around obstructions such as plumbing, vent lines, and electrical boxes. Use any left over pieces to fill small openings around windows and doors.

4. For exterior walls, mostámunicipalities will require aávapor barrier to be installed. The question ofáappropriate vapor barrier usage is not determinedáby Bonded Logic Inc. This issue depends entirely on your local climate and your local building codes. Please contact your local building code office and inquire about the recommendation for your area.áIf a vapor barrier is required, Bonded Logic Inc recommends the use of a permeable barrier. A permeable barrier will allow your walls to "breathe" while still stopping moisture transfer.

Walls: UltraTouch batts are friction fit products. This means that they are slightly oversized for standard wall cavities. To install, merely insert the batt between the studding and tuck it in to ensure a tight fit. Approximate 30% of the batts in each bag are perforated for easy tearing to fit "off-size" cavities.

Ceilings: UltraTouch can be layered to achieve higher R-Values in ceiling applications. It is best to alternate the direction of the batts in each layer. UltraTouch can be secured to the joists using either wire or a mesh. This will ensure the batts remain in place until drywall has been installed.

In Floors/Crawlspaces: UltraTouch is an effective option for insulating floors and crawlspaces as well. The insulation should be secured to floor joists or crawl space cavities in the same manner as ceiling applications, using either a mesh or wire support system. For crawlspaces specifically, a system of vapor barriers is recommended. The bare ground should be covered with a barrier as well as appliedáto the cavities before the insulation is installed (facing the warm side of the subfloor)

Downloads (opens in separate browser windows):

Specification Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

ICC Guidelines

ICC Evaluation

LEED Information Sheet

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