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EarthWeave McKinley - Granite

EarthWeave McKinley - Granite

Item #: EAWV11026G
Earth Weave starts by using only pure wool. We apply no dyes, pesticides, moth proofing, chemical pigments or dyes, or stain protections that are commonly used by the other carpet manufacturers. Only naturally pigmented wool fibers are used for coloration. The application of these chemicals would greatly affect indoor air quality through the offgassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The primary backing that we use is also an industry first combination of hemp and cotton. We chose the hardy hemp fiber due to its durability, strength, and mold and mildew resistance. The wool yarns are locked into place with a natural rubber adhesive derived from the rubber tree and biodegradable. For the back of the carpet we use a jute secondary. Jute, a hardy fiber-producing plant, was commonly used in the carpet industry before the introduction of the synthetic backings currently employed. The adhesive and secondary backing material further helps to lock the stitches in place and prevents slippage of the yarn.

Construction: tufted textured loop
Pile: 100% Undyed, Untreated Wool
Face weight: 44 oz

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